Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect personal and common web information that is usually collected by modern sites.
The personal information includes your name and e-mail address that you provide when registering and ordering products.
Common Web Information includes the time and date of your visits, the pages viewed by you and the websites you've visited before and after our site.

How do we use this information?

Registration information (your name and e-mail).

We need it for the transactions, as well as to subscribe to our updates and suggestions (which you can disable at any time in your account).
In aggregate, the personal information you provide to us is used to ensure high-quality customer service, sending you updates and news about special promotions and novelties and to deliver products and documentation. Also, this information helps us to make your experience on our website more comfortable, useful and personal.
Common Web Information.
We collect no personal web using data from visitors to enhance their experience on our site and to provide the most convenient service to every customer. It includes the time and date of your visits, the pages viewed by you and the websites you've visited before and after our site. Some of this information we use to improve the performance of our website, its design and usability, and the quality of our work with clients.
Our servers do not store information about your debit or credit card. All operations with our products handled by the company PayPal - the largest electronic payment system with the most advanced means of secure transactions and payments.


Our site uses cookies - small files that the various websites and online services are transferred and stored on your hard drive for easy and quick interaction with your browser. In our case, they need to be able to remember the site language, currency, your preferences, and past purchases, as well as for the statistics, which allows us to improve our service.
If you wish, you may choose not to use cookies on our website, but even under this condition, you can still use most of our services.

Exchange and transfer of information.

Information that is collected on our site, including personal data, will not be disclosed, sold or distributed for commercial or personal gain to agents, companies or other third parties.
Along with this, we can disclose the information  (including IP addresses and personal data) by law in case of judicial proceedings to protect our legal rights, property, and safety, as well as to prevent any fraudulent action.

Data protection.

All information provided by our customers is stored on secure servers. And we are very attentive to the organization of measures to prevent losses and changes of any personal data.

Third-party web sites and links.

This site uses links to third party sites. When you leave our site, our privacy policy ceases to affect. Third-party websites have their privacy policies, which you can find in the relevant sections of these sites. All the information you share on other Internet resources is subject to their internal rules and privacy policy.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy.

When you are using this Web site and its services, you accept and agree to the Privacy Policy of the site.

Updates and changes in the Privacy Policy.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be reflected on this page.


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