PANDORA Spire Soundset

PANDORA Spire Soundset

Genre: Trance, EDM
Type: Presets
19.99€ 13.99€

We present new to you a powerful Bank for Reveal Sound Spire «PANDORA». Each of our presets is unique and made according to the latest sound trends.

In our work, we focus on best labels that release tracks of famous producers.

After purchasing this product, you can freely use all presets from this pack in your commercial works and projects.

3 templates/demo projects for Ableton Live 10.1 (as heard in the audio demo) Demo templates don’t require any 3rd party plugins (Only Spire and LFO Tool)

• Product Details:

• 64 Presets in Total

• 03 AMBIENT Sounds
• 03 ARP Presets

• 17 ACID Sounds

• 12 BASS Sounds

• 02 PLUCK Sounds

• 10 LEAD Sounds

• 03 FX Sounds
• 05 PAD Sounds
• 02 PAD Bass Sounds
• 07 SYNTH Sounds
• 100% Royalty-Free

Synth Presets Compatibility:

* Please Use Spire Version 1.1.15 Or Higher.

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