DIMENSION Spire Soundbank

DIMENSION Spire Soundbank

Genre: Multi-Genre
Type: Presets
33.99€ 20.39€

Introducing a unique and inspiring sound bank from Ancore Sounds for the Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer.

Our sound bank sets itself apart with unmatched power and melodiousness, offering you 100 rhythmic arpeggios and fat basses ready to ignite the dance floor.

All sounds are available in Spire format (Sbf/SWzip) and are suitable for use in various music styles.

Immerse yourself in a world of new vibrations with our sounds, which will assist you in creating unique music today!

• Product Details:

• 100 Presets in Total

• 30 ARP Sounds
• 41 BASS Presets

• 07 LEAD Sounds
• 12 PLUCK Sounds

• 03 CHORD Sounds

• 02 FX Sounds

• 05 PAD Sounds
• 100% Royalty-Free

Synth Presets Compatibility:

* Please Use Spire Version 1.5.16 Or Higher.

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