Night City House Logic Template

Night City House Logic Template

Genre: House
Type: Logic Template
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In this unforgettable product the rhythms of elegant parties with enticing lights of the night city intertwined.

A gentle groove with a pulsating heartbeat melody, a bass line with a verified beat - everything in this template radiates the energy of the dance floor!
If you want to learn how to create the same unforgettable atmosphere of city bright parties, this template is for you.

A stunning combination of stylish juicy bass, beat and melody will show you how the night life of the city sounds. Immerse yourself in this enchanting sound of the night party!!!

Used Software: Logic Pro X 10.2.2 (or above)

Style: House

Tempo: 124
Length: 04:17
Used Plug-ins:
• ANA Synth
• Spire 1.1
• Sylenth1
• Addictive Keys
• LFOTool
• KickStart
• ArtsAcoustic Reverb
• ValhallaRoom

Tags: house, melodic house, logic template